Yoga Tree


Session1: Breath Freeing sequence /Core warm up

Session 2 - 5: Lower body sequences (feet, ankles and lower leg, knees, thighs)

Session 6 -7: Hips, butts and pelvis sequences

Session 8 - 10: Spine (lower back, upper back) and ribcage sequences

Session 11 - 13 Arms and shoulders (wrists and fingers) sequences

Session 14 - 15 Head, face and jaw sequences

Session 16 - 20 Myofascial lines: front, deep front, back, sides and functional lines sequences

Session 21 Freestyle exploration sequences

For the Ball rolling series you will need a couple of rubber balls, small (23 - 25 cm) exercise ball, yoga mat and a yoga block or two. Each pre recorded sequence is uploaded weekly (Monday morning). The link will be available in the confirmation email and/or send by email on Monday morning. The cost is included in the Monthly membership (series of all the recordings available for a month) or can be purchased separately and available for a week (£5 per session)

Self Massage Program is a growing collection of self massage practices and techniques designed to ease and unwind our body's tight knots. There are new 20 - 30 minutes sequences added regularly so we have plenty of playful ways to unwind the body

Get the ball rolling is a collection of 22 sequences meeting the the body's tight places from toes to head with bonus myofascial meridian work and free flow explorations.


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