Yoga Tree

Zoom Class recordings is 600 and growing collection of our Hatha and Yin Yoga classes (60 mins each) uploaded right after the live class so you can return to your favourite sessions again or practice it at your own time if you missed the live class. Great resource if you want to dive into daily yoga practice.  

The access to this playlist is available to the Monthly Membership holders only. Enjoy!

Self Massage Programs is a collection of self massage practices and techniques designed to ease and unwind our body's tight knots.  

Session1: Breath Freeing/Core warm up

Session 2 - 5: Lower body sequences

(feet, ankles and lower leg, knees, thighs)

Session 6 - 8: Hips, butts, pelvis, belly

Session 9 - 11: Spine and ribcage sequences

Session 12 - 14 Shoulders, arms, hands

Session 15 - 17 Head, face and jaw

Session 18 - 21 Myofascial lines: front, deep front, back, sides and functional lines

For the Ball rolling series you will need a couple of rubber balls, small (23 - 25 cm) exercise ball, yoga mat and a yoga block or two.


30 min Hatha Yoga sequences


30 mins

Yin Yoga sequences

You're busy, but you don't want to skip your yoga practice. These Hatha and Yin yoga practices are designed to energize, refresh, and unwind you in just 20 - 30 minutes.