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Monthly Fridays

7pm - 9:30pm

21 Jun, 19 July

Restorative Yoga Workshop - Loudwater Farm

Yoga ~ Micromovements ~ TRE ~ Massage ~ Sound bath

Weekly classes

Monday morning &  evening Wednesday morning  

Yoga classes at the Loudwater Farm - New term starts on 8th January!

Hatha & Yin yoga classes

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It is through our body that we exist here and through our body that we sense ourselves and the world around us.

Through our body, we experience what expansion and growth are and through this same body, we experience limits and finiteness.

It is through our lived body that we sense what deeply matters, we experience connection, sense of flow or glimpses of wholeness. Embodiment is not just listening to the body but listening through the body.  It's an invitation to become permeable to the aliveness of the world around us, and to feel how that aliveness holds our aliveness. Welcome to join our somatic explorations.

Yoga ~ Somatics ~ Psychology

"When I use the word 'body,' I mean more than the physical machine. Not only do you physically live the circumstances around you but also those you only think of in your mind. Your physically-felt body is, in fact, part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people, in fact, the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body as it is felt from inside" G. Gendlin


Weekly classes  

Tuesday morning

Yoga classes - Online (live) - New term starts on 9th January!

Hatha & Yin Yoga classes

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Weekly 1-2-1 sessions

Mon 11am,

Tue, Wed 12pm

Individual sessions - Online & In-person

Yoga, Massage, TRE, Focusing

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Weeked Workshop

7th - 8th Sept 2024

9:30am -  6pm

Body wisdom - A Way in - Loudwater Farm

Module 1 - Introduction to Focusing

In person, non residential weekend

Monthly Saturday

9:30am -  5:30pm

20 July

Yoga Immersion Day - Loudwater Farm

Yoga ~ Micromovements ~ TRE ~ Massage ~ Meditation

Summer Yoga Retreat

11th - 17th August 2024

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Yoga Retreat in Andalucia, Spain!

Yoga & Somatics