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Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Friday 7pm - 9:30pm, Loudwater Farm

Friday 7:30pm - 9:30pm, Online

One Friday of each month, evening,

Doing less... Being more

"The body holds the mind, just as the mind contains the body. In a deep quietude, the mind can free the body of its holding, just as deep grounding and surrender the body can unlock the deepest secrets of the mind" Stephe Levine

There are levels and layers of letting go and they can be deepened and cultivated. Each of the practices below are supporting the embodiment of that

~ Micromovements - to ease the body into  

    stillness & increase body awareness

~ Tension Release exercises (TRE) - to shake

    off excess tension

~ Restorative Asanas - let go into being held

~ Massage (self-massage/trigger point release)

~ Breathwork - to fine-tune your participation

~ Sound Massage - to deepen relaxation

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Restorative Yoga at Loudwater Farm

Friday 26th Jan, 23rd Feb, 29th March 2024

£35 (£30 each when 3 booked in advance)

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Restorative Yoga (Zoom)

19th Jan, 16th Feb, 29 March 2024

Cost: £14

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23 - 30th September 2023

Greece, Pelion, Damouchari

Damouchari, beautiful off the beaten path seaside settlement in the Pelion region in Thessaly on mainland Greece. This is where our yoga retreat is taking place: daily meditation, hatha yoga, yin yoga, inner inquiry work, beach time, kayaking, hiking. See photos from our previous yoga retreats in the Pelion area


8am Breathwork & Meditation

9:30am Hatha Yoga & TRE

11:30am Brunch

Free time: beach time, kayaking, hiking..

5pm Dinner

6:30pm Felt Inquiry

7:30pm Yin Yoga & Meditation

Cost:  £730 (twin/double bedroom), £830 (single room).

The places limited to 12 participants. . Deposit payment: £130

Yoga Retreats

Saturday 18th May, 22nd June, 20th July 2024

9:30am - 5:30pm

Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth

Sometimes it takes just one day to feel like we are away on a retreat, pausing our busy schedules, suspending our habits and simply giving ourselves space and time, to just be,

to breathe, to move, to shake things off, stretch, realign, unwind and explore what wants to open and how. You will be invited to explore different corners of your physical and energetic anatomy.

18th May: Legs & Pelvis - Grounding & Flow

22nd June: Spine & Core - Centering

20th July: Shoulders & Breath - Opening up

£125 per day or £95 each when 3 booked in advance (vegetarian lunch included)

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Restorative Yoga

& Somatics

Yoga & Somatics Immersion Day