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Individual Focusing sessions

The Art of listening through the Body

You body is a source of deep knowing, knowing that even our conscious mind can't at times comprehend and Focusing is a way of waking, deepening and fine-tuning that capacity so it can resource our seeing and understanding, both, when we are stuck or confused but also inspired and in need for more clarity to move forward. Focusing is the conscious interaction with our bodily felt knowing that can inform, clarify or surprise us with its insights into our life's questions, concerns and potentials. Historically, Focusing arose out of the work of Gene Gendlin. It was originally conceptualised within the psychology of Carl Rogers, but since then (1960's) has been integrated and applied to many other areas of life including problem solving, personal growth & spirituality, and all forms of creative expression. There is no diagnosing or analysing or counselling, just listening, describing and gently attending your inner experience until it reveals its meaning and you see a way forward that you didn't see before.

The name "Focusing'" is a metaphor for the process of recognizing vague, subtle, or ephemeral somatic sensations that could gradually be brought into focus, as one might adjust to turn a blurry visual image into clear, recognizable objects.

"Your body is not a machine, rather a wonderfully intricate interaction with everything around you,

which is why it "knows" so much just in being" ~ G.  Gendlin


It can be applied to many areas of your life including a specific life issue that needs your attention or what you are being called to in the current chapter of your life or to simply to reconnect with yourself in a deeper and more life-enriching way.

There are many benefits to this felt inquiry, but to mention just a few:

  ~ a sense of relief and clarity about aspects of your life and your steps forward

  ~ a greater ability to be compassionate to yourself

  ~ a shift in perspective about what’s bothering you or what's possible

  ~ new possibilities, new options, insights, and fresh energy to move forward


Online: Zoom

In-Person: Chorleywood


First online sessions free

Online: £55 for 1 or £150 for 3 sessions (60 mins each)              

In person: £70 for 1 or £195 for 3 sessions (60 mins each)  

To Book

Please email

Focusing Skills Journey is a 60 hour series of experiential seminars spread over 5 modules. The format of the course is a combination of in - person weekend workshops (non residential) and online seminars (zoom).

The course is a mixture of Focusing theory, experiential inquieries and pair exercises

Places are limited to max 8 participants per group allowing for a more intimate sense of community and quality learning. 

There is no obligation to commit to the whole course in advance and you can to sign up for the introductory Module 1 as a starting point.

The Course is BFA Certify and enable you to join further Focusing workshops and trainings.

On these modules you will learn how to:

~ Sense inwards & listen with sensitivity and subtlety

~ Engage and communicate with that in you which knows more than you can say

~ Broaden your perception of the inner landscape and navigate your life choices from the deeper place inside

~ Recognise how the body "speaks”

~ Explore the stages of Focusing and ways of communicating that facilitates deeper movement and change

~ Relate to yourself with care, compassion and wonder

~ Support yourself and your Focusing partner in difficult places and inner explorations

~ Be with tangled issues, blocks, the inner critic & other 'parts' (aspects of our inner selves)

~ Connect with yourself and others in deeper and more enriching way

~ Deepen your inner journey in meditation, creative flow and your pathway to wholeness

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears — Rumi

Going further into focusing movements and felt companioning by uncrowding our attention and making space for aliveness. Then waiting at the edge of awareness, listening deeper and more on symbolising and language facilitating change


The Art of Listening

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a magnificent world in itself —Henry Miller

Deepening and fine tuning your focusing and listening skills by self guiding your process, giving and receiving suggestions and invitations as we settle deeper in the experience of attuned listening. We will explore being more creative with focusing, guiding and expressing our felt experience.


The Art of Guiding


Ways through the Maze


Unfolding into Wholeness

Every bad feeling is a potential energy towrads a more right way of being if you give it space to move towards its rightnes — Gendlin

Unsticking our process and applying your broader seeing in meeting tangled issues, blocks, body symptoms and pain, exiled parts and the inner critic.  As well as being more intuitive with focusing, listening and guiding.

Your physically-felt body is, in fact, part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people, in fact the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body as it is felt from inside — Gendlin

Soul-work and world - work as broader context of further explorations.  We will include Whole Body Focusing practice, Focusing and mediation, Focuisng with dreams, callings as well as ways of bring this felt knowing to everyday life, relationships and our work


Module I:  £180 (In person weekend) or £150 (5 x 2.5 h seminars online)

Module II - V:  £600

For those who wish to pay for each module separately: £150 (online module) or £180 (in- person weekend module)

To book

If you are interested in joining the group please conact Halina Rozensztrauch:, 07528 122 281

What is the session like?

After the initial conversation, I will invite you to relax your attention into your body. We might just simply ask whats's alive inside, what wants to be felt, seen, known or we might check how the body holds a particular problem or question you want to explore. Initially, I will guide you through the process and once we are in touch with something  I will be supporting your contact, make gentle suggestions and follow your process. The session takes 1h

In-person (Rickmansworth) & online (zoom)

January - June 2024


Two options to begin:

In person: 13 - 14th January 2024, Rickmansworth or

Zoom: Thursday 9:30am - 12pm on 18th, 25th Jan, 1st, 8th, 15th February 2024

Your body is not a machine, rather a wonderfully intricate interaction with everything around you,

which is why it "knows" so much just in being

G. Gendlin

Beginning the journey of being in touch, engaging and drawing from your inner knowing. And that's through the art of sensing inwards, communicating with your bodily felt awareness and making sense of it. We will practice felt companioning within and without and begin embodying the life transforming steps of a long journey without distance

Module 1: Beginning the Journey

Session 1 - The Doors

Session 2 - Felt Listening

Session 3 - Felt Sensing and Resonance

Session 4 - Symbolising and Sense Making

Session 5 - Mapping and steps

Cost: £150 online or £180 in person (small group of 4-8 participants)



Beginning the Journey

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Focusing Skills Training

~ listening through the body ~