Yoga Tree

Individual Focusing sessions

What is the session like?

After the initial conversation, I will invite you to relax your attention into your body. We might just simply ask whats's alive inside, what wants to be felt, seen, known or we might check how the body holds a particular problem or question you want to explore. Initially, I will guide you through the process and once we are in touch with something  I will be supporting your contact, make gentle suggestions and follow your process. The session takes 1h


It can be applied to many areas of your life including a specific life issue that needs your attention or what you are being called to in the current chapter of your life or to simply to reconnect with yourself in a deeper and more life-enriching way.

There are many benefits to this felt inquiry, but to mention just a few:

  ~ a sense of relief and clarity about aspects of your life and your steps forward

  ~ a greater ability to be compassionate to yourself

  ~ a shift in perspective about what’s bothering you or what's possible

  ~ new possibilities, new options, insights, and fresh energy to move forward


First online sessions free

Online: £55 for 1 or £150 for 3 sessions (60 mins each)              

In person: £70 for 1 or £195 for 3 sessions (60 mins each)  

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